turkey day

I was all set to hit "publish" on my Christmas recap when I realized I hadn't posted about Thanksgiving yet. Whoopsie.  Let's talk turkey. (Of course I realize only my family is interested in a Thanksgiving recap in January.  The rest of you are excused.)
Before we get to Thanksgiving day, I have to share a couple pictures of my favorite turkey of all, cheesing it up before school one November morning.  She flat out refused to wear this shirt on Thanksgiving so I'm glad I caught a few pictures of her in it. As for her Turkey Day outfit, she had other things in mind...

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year.  My parents - Blaire's Grandma & Papa - came in town and Bestie (Jill) & Uncle Ashley made the big trek (2 miles) over to our house for the day.  We missed Uncle Jordan & Aunt Chelsea, who stayed in Boston but we did get to FaceTime with them.  Technology was definitely one of the things we were thankful for this year!  Brian's mom and sister were able to come by for a few hours too.  It was so nice to have (almost) everyone at our house - no packing, no driving. And I love to cook so hosting was a treat. 
It was a little chilly on Thanksgiving, which is rare for us in Florida. More often than not, we eat Thanksgiving dinner on the patio in shorts.  But not this year!  Thanksgiving in jeans and sweaters was a welcome departure.

Mom and I started the day off on the porch with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee. What I wouldn't give to sit on the porch and sip coffee with her more often!

Full disclosure, this is the coffee we sipped while we waited for my dad, Brian, and Blaire to get back from a Starbucks run with more coffee.  I come by my love of coffee honestly.
While I was in the kitchen, Grandma and Papa were entertaining Blaire. Or maybe she was entertaining them...

Would you please check out the outfit. That's pajamas with a tutu, sunglasses, and high-heel princess shoes. All selected by my crazy child. This is what she preferred to wear over the Thanksgiving outfit I had planned for her. Quite the sartorialist, that one.

Time for an outfit change! We've added a hoodie and changed into ballet shoes.


Papa pushed her in the wagon and on the bike. They made trips to see Isabella the tortoise and played all of Blaire's favorite games. She was in HEAVEN all day long.

If you're keeping track, this is outfit number three. She changed into a new nightgown mid-day. Naturally. 

I wish I had more pictures of everyone but I spent most of the day (happily) in front of the stove. I stuck mostly to the family favorites for our Thanksgiving menu - turkey (I'm partial to Tom Colicchio's herb butter turkey - and his adorable bald head), mashed potatoes, and my mom's awesome cornbread stuffing. But, I did add a few new dishes to our table this year.  We've never been a sweet potato family but the Pioneer Woman's sweet potato casserole was a huge hit.  I think I single-handedly polished off all the leftovers in just a few days.  I also made a ridiculously good broccoli gratin.  Of course, there was pumpkin roll and pie.
I had asked my parents to bring their carving knife as my knife set didn't have one. Instead, they brought me a beautiful new carving knife of my own. 
I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful.  I know every year I'll look forward to pulling out that knife and remembering this Thanksgiving. However, carving is a big task and it only seemed right to ask Dad to continue the honors of cutting up the bird. 
Way to go, Petey-Pablo!
Blaire was hungry and not about to wait for me to get my act together so she hopped up to the table and started eating while the rest of us were still loading our plates.


"Lady, I'm trying to eat!"
Obligatory plate picture. I'm not winning any medals in food styling but it sure tasted good. 
Looking over pictures after a holiday or event I can't help but laugh because from the photos, you'd never know I was there. I'm always behind the camera. With that in mind, I handed off my camera for a picture with my girl. This was the result.

She's in PJ's and I'm a mess from cooking (and I had to keep a death grip on her just to keep her there for three seconds) but at least we have a picture together. Blaire can look back one day and know that Mom didn't miss Thanksgiving that year.

We made a quick trip to the mall on Black Friday, where I purchased only things for myself. For shame. 

My shopping buddy

Shopping is SERIOUS business.
Brian was also very excited to score a great deal a 60 inch TV from Best Buy online on Thanksgiving Day.  Standing in line is for suckers! And we now have a TV you can see from space.  He's the happiest guy in the world.

We spent some time with Brian's mom on Saturday and had a visit from some good friends we never get to see often enough.

It's blurry but you try taking a picture of three toddlers.

Blaire and her buddy, Eli
It was a great, relaxing weekend.  There was food, football, family, and friends.  I really don't need much else to be happy. I only wish we were all together around a dinner table more often. 


Jill said...

So many outfits, so little time. Diva baby.

Christine said...

I hear ya girl, what's with dudes not being able to grab the camera for a second? Loving Blair's pose in the last pic. Adorable.

KatiePerk said...

That girl is genius! I could eat way more turkey in my pajamas!