confession session

Time for another installment of Confession Session.

Both of the new recipes I tried this week were flops. We're getting takeout tonight.
I have a standing rule: dessert or wine, but not both. I've broken it every night this week.
I listen to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat in my car. (Except the Demi Lovato version of "Let It Go," which I skip every time. Why does that even exist? Idina Menzel's version blows it out of the water.)
Went to Target at lunch today and bought ALL THE THINGS.  Lest you think I"m exaggerating, I had to get help out to my car because I couldn't fit it all in the cart.
On the 6th time Blaire asked to go to the potty during dinner last night, I told her to go in her diaper.  (MOM OF THE YEAR.) Then, just to call my bluff, she made a very...determined... face which led me to believe she did in fact have to go to the bathroom. So I guiltily scrambled out of my chair and raced her to the potty. She did not have to go. #sucker
I bought a box of cookies at Target.

Already ate three.

I recently finished re-watching every season of The West Wing. Again. (I watch on my iPad while I cook or get ready in the morning.) I can't tell you how many times I've done this but I can promise you the number would make you judge me.
The term "babymoon" really bums me out.
We renewed our Sea World passes. I feel bad doing it in light of the Black Fish backlash but Blaire LOVES that place. And they were doing by-one-get-one free passes.  I'm going to stick my head in the sand, not watch the documentary, and keep taking my kid to see the dolphins she loves so much. Sorry Shamu.

Anything you need to get off your chest today? Let's hear it.


Christine said...

hah love it! I won't tell about Sea World.. I'd prob do the same thing. Target has been killing it lately, please tell me you bought some of their amazing home decor and that's why you needed help? Also, now I want those cookies, I guess at least being pregnant gives me no choice between wine and dessert. Although, I'd choose wine, dessert and no dinner to even it out. haha.

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Love this. I could never do the dessert/ wine rule. I'd rather skip lunch! The cookies…I can't buy them or I would eat them all. I made the chicken chili you posted and we LOVED it. I did it in the crock pot (I know you hate it, but it was good). We're going to Sea World this weekend!

Elise said...

Those sugar cookies are THE BEST. Worth it in my opinion.

Nat said...

I try to do either wine or dessert but I usually fail and have both. I was also supposed to give up sweets this whole month and I failed after 2 days. Does it make you feel better if I have no idea about the Sea World thing you're talking about?! You re-watching West Wing is like me re-watching Dawson's Creek- only I have a feeling West Wing is a bit more intellectual than DC.

Kate said...

"Babymoon" ICK. Whenever forced to use that term, I have to simultaneously voice my displeasure for it.

Yesterday, I wandered around Target for one child-free hour, spent $137, and realized, as I loaded my bags into the car, that I'd failed to purchase the two things I most needed (chicken broth and ravioli).

I did manage to purchase one Cadbury Creme Egg and a double pack of Reese's hearts. Of course I ate both in the car on the way home in order to feel better about my inability to buy necessary foodstuffs.

Kitty and June said...

Those little cookies jumped into my cart this week too. 2-days in and they're almost gone. Satan's cookies!

I do the same thing with wine....but then I see my bowl of M&M's and it's all over!

Natasha said...

thank you for being so honest friend...honestly, i know this is horrid, but the seaworld comment is hilarious!! dont ask, dont tell :)
whatever makes the mini happy stays, right??

cheers to a happy weekend!!! and lots more cookies and takeout

Jill said...

My confession is that I wanted to punch an old lady in Home Goods today. At least I didn't do it. I thought about it for a lot longer than I should have though.

Lindsay said...

I ordered my unborn child a burberry dress from ebay. And it's being shipped to work so my husband doesn't find out. Also, I ate three donuts last night. I'm glad we're friends. ;)