day two

Today is Day Two of the ten day blogging series.  The topic for today's post is: Nine things about yourself that most people don't know.

So here it is...nine incredibly random things most of you don't know about me:

  1. I don't really like peanut butter.  I'll eat a PB&J sandwich and Reese's Cups are pretty tasty, but I'm just not a huge fan.  It's too sticky and I hate the way it coats your mouth.

  2. If Shania Twain comes on the radio I MUST change the station.  Non-negotiable.

  3. My iPod is an embarrassment. My sister thinks I should do a whole post on this but I don't think I could take the shame. It's really bad.  I'll tell you this - if Taylor Swift or Huey Lewis & The News sing it, it's probably on there. And that's the stuff I'm not embarrassed about. 

  4. I get bored in the shower.  Seriously.

  5. I'm an incredibly slow eater. (Though anyone who's ever eaten with me knows this.) When I first started working at my firm, I couldn't get even half my lunch down by the time the guys had scarfed down their food.  I was hungry all the time.  I've learned to speed things up when I'm with them.

  6. I've never seen The Goonies. I don't get the BFD but people seem to freak out a bit when I mention this.

  7. I have a dimple in each shoulder.

  8. I did not have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on my wedding day. (Just new and borrowed.)

  9. One of my life goals is to be on Jeopardy.
I'm sure your lives are complete now that you know I eat slow and get bored in the shower. My job here is done.


Rebekah said...

I'm not a big fan of peanut butter either! I can eat it in a sandwich or something, but I really don't like it. I think MY Ipod is embarrassing!

The Sister said...

You should be arrested for the quality of music on your iPod. It's a disgrace to people who love music...and people with ears.

Samma said...

I wish I was a slow eater- iy's so much better for you! i am a huge Jeopardy gal, but my dad has always said I'd freeze up if I was an actual contestant (and he's right). I'm with you on the pb- I only like Reese's cups- can't do a PB&J even.

emily @ emily posts said...

I've never seen the Goonies either! People don't believe I'm a child of the 80s when I tell them this. Hey, I had a sister. We liked girly stuff and riding bikes. Freakin sue me!

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with Taylor Swift!

Melissa F said...

I can so relate to you on 3, 4, and 6! LOL

Danielle said...

I've never seen Goonies either, much to my husband's dismay. Clearly we're missing something since people spazz when they hear I haven't seen it.

Once you have children, your slow eating will go out the window! You have such a small window of opportunity that you learn to just shovel it in!

Mel said...

I'm so happy to hear you say you did not do something old, new, borrowed, blue. I didn't either. New everything, borrowed purse from my b-maid (which I guess could count as old), but no blue for me. Are we cursed? ;)

Ryan Kay said...

I haven't seen The Goonies, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, OR Pretty Woman...I know, I have lived a sheltered life.

megan said...

OMG I think we should swap IPods. Mine is full of showtunes, rap, and techno. :)

Christine said...

I've never seen the goonies either! And I have no desire to... I hope you fulfill your dream and get on jeopardy! I think I could totally kick ass at Wheel of Fortune. I think that b/c I beat my husband almost everytime.. and we watch it everyday. sad but true.

California Wife said...

I have also never seen The Goonies! So funny that you want to be on Jeopardy, I am horrible at trivia!

California Wife said...

I have also never seen The Goonies! So funny that you want to be on Jeopardy, I am horrible at trivia!