When Amateurs Decorate:

I was browsing around Marshalls the other day looking for Halloween decorations when I hit the motherload. They had a whole section of dishes in the perfect pale blue color which matches my kitchen/dining room. I picked up this great platter for a steal:

And I also picked up a few each of these plates:

I bought them thinking they might look good on this empty wall in our kitchen.

(HATE the sconce in the hallway. Its days are numbered.)

Originally, I was thinking of hanging them sort of like this:

but it just seemed sort of boring. And lame. I was about to chuck the idea out the window and throw the plates in the kitchen cupboard, but I decided to give the interwebs a quick search for some inspiration. Inspiration I did find!

I love the look of the different colors and free-form patterns. I think I'm going to keep looking for some other prints, sizes and colors to mix in with what I have. There's not a creative bone in my body so creating a random arrangement like the pictures above seems a wee bit intimdating. Luckily, Martha Stewart has come to my rescue! She has a great tutorial on hanging plates for the decorating-challenged like me. Thank you Martha!

I'm thinking about putting an accent table or a wine rack underneath. The space isn't too wide but I think maybe something like this might work:

So, there are my big plans. Let's hope they pan out. We bought This Old House over a year ago and most of the walls are still bare. (The infamous mirror we bought to hang in our bedroom - still in the box.) I'm pretty sure that if this plate plan falls apart I'll lose what little faith I had in my ability to decorate this place on my own. If things turn out well, I'll update with pictures of the end result. If it doesn't go well....then I guess I'll be back looking for referrals for interior designers. Wish me luck!


Sweet Simplicity said...

First of all, I love that clock on your counter.
Second of all, I love the plates and the idea of hanging them!
I bet it will turn out fantastic!

Sara said...

I LOVE the plates on the wall!! I'm actually trying to do something similar. I've been collecting some old plates here and there that have greens in them to match my dining room! Great minds think alike! Thanks for the inspiration.

Rebecca said...

Definitely do an accent table! The plates are all over the design magazines lately. I think you should throw another color in there too (not just that cute blue). Post a picture after you are done decorating!

Wendy said...

I'm loving your blog and I'm REALLY loving the plate wall! Post pics when you pull the trigger and hang 'em!