Fall Favorites

I am craving fall. I know fall doesn't officially start until September 22, but it's been at least 90 degrees here since May and there's no end in sight to this summer weather. I've been drooling over the sweaters in the J. Crew catalog for weeks and am green with envy each time my brother calls to brag about the cool Boston weather. According to weather.com the average daily temperature here wont' drop below 80 degrees until November. November! I just don't think I can wait that long. The leaves may not be changing color (palm trees are green all year) and around here you can get a fabulous tan well past Thanksgiving, but weather be damned, I'm ringing in the fall!

For me, one the best parts of fall is all the delicious smells. Fresh baked apple pie or pumpkin bread, cinnamon brooms from Publix, the Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, and my absolute favorite - the smell of the air on the first cool day of the season. (I swear that fresh cold air comes with the most wonderful smell. Am I the only one who smells this???) Because I refuse to wait until Thanksgiving for all those yummy smells, I buy fall scented candles and burn them througout the house. This one is my favorite:

It's Yankee Candle's Harvest scented candle. It has the most delicious, homey smell of cinnamon, pumpkin and apples (the fall trifecta) and it lasts forever.

Baking my fall favorites is another sure-fire way to get that autumn feeling I'm craving. Apples pies and crisps, pumpkin bread, pumpkin roll - yum, yum, yum! Last year, I think I baked a loaf of pumpkin bread every week. I'll be sure to share the recipe & pictures when I bake my first loaf this fall!

One of the most important fall activities has already begun - FOOTBALL! When I think of fall, I think of getting together with our "football family" for tailgating and Knights football. From September to December, when someone asks me about my weekend plans, you can bet the answer will simply be "Football."

Another fall favorite is decorating for holidays. I love putting up decorations - first for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then my very favorite of all Christmas! (is that technically winter? Sorry. It's hard to tell the difference between seasons in Florida.) My mom is always picking up the cutest seasonal decorations and mailing them to me. I think my entire collection of fall decorations is courtesy of Mom. She sent the cutest Halloween candle holder this year. It's a skeleton bride and groom and their hats hold tapers. The tapers she sent with it are white, but when you light them, the wax that drips down is red like blood! How adorably gross and perfectly Halloween is that?!?! I've promised myself I'll wait until October to bust out the Halloween decorations and I can't wait!

Last year we had a party to go to on Halloween and I think we're planning to go out again this year, but I'm hoping we can stay home long enough to hand out candy to a few trick or treaters. I just love seeing little ones all dressed up in their costumes!

This fall I have something special to look forward to. The Mister and I are spending our first Thanksgiving as a married couple in NYC. We are so excited! We'll be getting into the city on Wednesday, which means we'll be able to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live from Times Square! I'm so excited to see the Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center (though it probably won't be lit yet), the holiday window displays at all the department stores, and shop in NYC on Black Friday! (I haven't quite broken that news to The Mister yet. I'm going to wait on that one. Don't worry. He's not a frequent reader of the blog. He says that because he lives it, he doesn't have to read it all the time. I thought that was pretty funny, and also true.) Mostly, I'm excited to eat my way through that delicious city! Cupcakes at Crumbs, Italian at Angelo's in Little Italy, NY pizza....I'm hungry just thinking about it. I think I'll have to diet until we leave just to save up enough calories!

These are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to this fall. What are your fall favorites?


The Sister said...

Get in the kitchen and make me some Pumpkin Roll clown!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I love fall smells too... I'm burning one right now that smells a bit like apple pie. Yum yum!

And that Pumpkin roll looks DIVINE... I might just have to make some next week!

Jill said...

i looooove fall! and fall scents! i want to light pumpkin spice candles year round but fear judging noses. they're just so dang good. but not quite as good as the cool fall day smell. it totally exists and is totally fab.

Sara said...

I can't believe how much you sound like me. I actually have a strikingly similar blog entry drafted that include football, Halloween, J.Crew catalogue and all things apple and pumpkin!! This cracks me up!!

Now I really want to make that pumpkin jelly roll. I've never made a jelly roll. And I don't have a jelly roll pan...can it be done without one? Any advice?