Wednesday, April 23, 2014

easter 2014

The Easter post. I'm sure you've had about all you can take of pictures of baskets and eggs,  so feel free to skip this one. But the grandparents will love it. This one's for you, G & P!
We kicked off the Easter festivities on Friday morning with an egg hunt at Blaire's school.  Unfortunately, due to some crappy weather the hunt was sort of a bust and the kids were not that into it. Thus, no pictures. Blaire particularly was not amused. She clung to my leg until they busted out the snack and then she was all smiles. That's my girl. 
Friday night we dyed Easter eggs with Blaire for the first time. I took the warning on the back of the Paas box seriously and covered the table and stripped the munchkin for fear of staining everything we own. Blaire loved it.  She dropped each egg into the cup of dye, waited patiently for the eggs to turn colors and helped me sprinkle glitter on each egg. She cried when I told her we'd dyed all the eggs. We were about to start dying raw eggs from the fridge when we were finally able to divert her attention elsewhere.

We had planned to attend the neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Saturday afternoon but it wasn't to be. Saturday morning B started complaining that her right ear hurt. We'd just finished a round of antibiotics for that same ear less than a week ago so off to the pediatrician's office we went. (Our pediatricians' office sees patients on Saturday and Sunday. They're amazing. We love them.) Turns out, ear is still infected. We're on another round of antibiotics and may need to get a new tube put in that ear. After the doctor's office it was home for a nap. Unfortunately, the nap ran right through the Easter egg hunt. She woke up feeling much better so we made the right decision not to wake her but I was sad for her to miss out on the fun.

Sunday morning, Blaire woke up to find the Easter bunny had stopped by our house.

She was beyond excited. I was surprised by just how into the basket she was. She literally squealed with glee at the Monsters, Inc. action figures and Frozen movie. It was so much fun to watch her go through the basket. Kids really do make the holidays infinitely better.

I put a couple of these bubble wands in her basket and they were a huge hit. Maybe the best $.99 I've ever spent.  She was able to make the bubbles herself and would have spent all day chasing bubbles in the yard. I suggest picking up a few for your little ones. Endless summer entertainment.

Blaire loves dress up shoes. Her standard dress up outfit is a tutu, her doctor's coat, sunglasses, and heeled shoes. At least once a day she packs up her backpack or a bag, puts on the full dress up outfit and heads for the front door. She tells us she's going to the "Tar-Tar" or "Pulix" and tries to leave by herself. It's a riot. The bunny brought her some more fancy shoes for her getaways.

This is the face of pure happiness. She's watching Frozen.
The bunny didn't forget Dad. He got some craft beers and candy.

After the basket and some mandatory Frozen viewing, it was time for breakfast. We had Blaire's favorite - cheesy eggs - with fruit and cinnamon roll bunnies. Blaire went right for the bunny's face.

After breakfast it was out to the patio to chase bubbles. (Looks like it's time to spruce up the patio for summer. It's looking pretty shabby.)
Jill and Uncle Ashley came over for Easter lunch. As excited as Blaire was about her basket, I was even more excited for ham and mac & cheese.  We have some mayo haters in our group but I was determined to have potato salad. I tried this recipe for goat cheese potato salad and it was delicious! If you're a goat cheese fan you have to try it.

Blaire was a fan of the mac & cheese - and the extra attention.

While Blaire napped, the bunny came and "hid" eggs in the front yard. (This year was easy. I mostly tossed eggs in the grass and snuck a few in plain sight in planters.) We went outside to hunt for eggs in our fancy Easter get-up.  The tutu made an appearance. The Easter dress I purchased and ironed? That was rejected and stayed hung in the closet. 

Blaire wasn't so much into the hunting as she was the munching. She wanted to stop to open each egg to see whether it had a treat or a sticker. After a few eggs, she was done and ready to snack. One mini Snickers and far more Starburst jelly beans later, I convinced her to collect the rest of the eggs from the yard. 
It was such a great low key, sugar filled day. Blaire loved every minute of it and we had the best time watching her experience it all. I've been eating ham and carrot cake for days now so I've had my fill of Easter fun too. Except the mini Snickers. I could never get enough of those.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

gin and juice

I interupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you this: perhaps the greatest thing to come out of the internets yet.

Brian Williams, you sexy beast. I knew you had it in you. Enjoy, friends.

*if you haven't seen some of BW's other hits, please do yourself a favor and find them on you tube. Regulate was my previous favorite but I think gin & juice takes the top prize.

Monday, April 21, 2014


*it seems I prematurely published this one. rather than finish it and add pictures as I intended, we'll just leave it out here in its unfinished state. Monday - 1. Melissa - 0.

I'm sitting at my desk at the office, eating leftovers from yesterday's Easter lunch, and wishing it was still the weekend. Mondays are always hardest after a great weekend because I'd give anything for just one more day of fun and family time.
An Easter post complete with a ridiculous amount of pictures of my girl is coming your way soon because surely the 812 pictures I put on Instagram yesterday were not enough for you. I'm also working on a post recapping our trip to Charleston. Get ready for an obscene amount of food pictures surreptitiously snapped in restaurants around town.  I ate my way through that city and it was glorious. 
Speaking of food, it seems that despite cooking an entire Easter lunch yesterday my family expects dinner tonight. Seriously people? I just cooked yesterday.  Can we not get by on leftover ham and carrot cake for a few days?  I guess I need to plan a menu and, horror of horrors, hit the grocery store on a Monday night. Reality bites. At least I've got a bag of bunny bait to get me through.
I must confess to downloading and reading Rob Lowe's latest memoir Love Life this weekend. It was exactly what I was expecting - a few good tales and a healthy dose of narcissism but overall decently entertaining.

Friday, April 18, 2014

hop to it

  I've got a giant pile of work to do before the weekend and the clock is ticking so we're going to do this Five on Friday fast and dirty. Or maybe just fast. We'll see how it shakes out.
Forgive me for being obnoxiously cliche but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?  Look at my sweet, squishy Easter baby just two years ago.

And this is my little bunny on her way to her Easter Egg Hunt at school this morning.

It happens fast.


I've been looking forward to Easter lunch for weeks. Seriously, weeks. This is dessert.

Carrot Cake - Easter 2012. Apparently I save pictures of dessert on my hard drive. Figures.
I use Smitten Kitchen's Carrot Cake recipe . Deb can do no wrong. Give it a whirl. And try not to eat all the frosting from the bowl. It would be a shame if you had to make up another batch to finish icing the cake. Not that I'd know about that...
Also on the menu, this goat cheese potato salad. Get in my belly. 
warm potato salad with goat cheese.
I was looking through Blaire's Easter basket stash earlier this week when I noticed I didn't buy any candy. I started feeling a little guilty about that. I mean, what kind of asshole mom denies their kid a little sugar on a holiday?  Me, apparently.
Guilt took over and I braved the Easter aisles of Target mere days before Easter.  The mean streets of Detroit have nothing on a holiday aisle at Target just days  before the main event. Last-minute moms trolling the candy aisle for what's left of the Starburst jelly beans and Reese's eggs? Do not cross those broads. Heaven help you if you're there on Saturday. Wear Kevlar. I made it out alive and with four bags of candy and a chocolate bunny. Have no fear, there will be candy in the kid's basket, just as Jesus intended. 
I'll give you three guesses as to who will end up eating all that crap.  If you need more than one guess, you haven't been here very long. #chubbybunny
 I never intend for my posts to be all about food. It still happens 9 out of 10 times. Why should today be any different? 

I made a batch of Bunny Bait for Blaire's teachers last night. At least, that's what I like to tell myself.

What I really did was make a giant batch of Bunny Bait, packaged up three bags for the teachers, and left myself a big ol' pile to munch on all weekend.  Aren't I thoughtful?  Target had bunny shaped pretzels so I really stepped up my game this year. 

That's it for me. A very happy Easter to all who are celebrating. And best of luck to you poor souls who plan to brave the Target Easter aisle this weekend. It's a jungle out there.

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